Abigail Morrissey Riordan

Health Coach

Hi! I’m Abigail
And I am so glad you are here. I have been caring for others my whole life. I have a passion for guiding mothers to connect to their inner light.
I started my career as a pediatric bedside nurse. In 2015 I had an accident and for the first time I was the patient. I tried to navigate my way through the western medical system and it failed me. I was looking for someone to save me. My unmanaged pain prompted me to find alternative ways of healing. I explored acupuncture, yoga, and looked at healing through an integrative lens. I continued on to study with Barbara Dossey and Susan Luck. I am a Board Certified Nurse Coach, yoga and meditation teacher and trauma informed yoga teacher. I guide new moms back into their body through meditation, awareness techniques, and yoga. Healing comes when you connect to the body. Healing comes from you.

You know what is best for your child, and your body.
I believe you have all the answers within you. I encourage you to take control of your health and guide you through practiced to connect to your intuition. The more you connect to your intuition the louder it will get.