212˚ Wellness

Graduated Skyview High School in Soldotna, Alaska Bachelors of Science from Pacific Lutheran University with concentrations in Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, and Exercise Science; Tacoma, WA NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) Graduated as a Certified Rolfer from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration; Boulder, CO Advanced Certification in Low Level Medical Cold Lasers as it applies to The Rolfing Goals and Objectives. Personal Trainer and Abs Instructor at Miramont Lifestyle Fitness ’06-’11 Specializes in performance related injuries. I became a Rolfer in the pursuit of finding a career that would enable me to help others achieve profound levels of health and wellness. Through my own experience of being a personal trainer, collegiate athletics, and my continuing education, I have acquired abundant knowledge of how bodies function in performance and activities of daily living. Together we have the opportunity to tap into the true potential of your body. You will quickly see the passion I have for Rolfing. This passion is rooted in the fulfillment of helping others heal thus improving their quality of life. My abilities are a direct result of my incredible teachers for whom I am forever grateful. Rolfing is quickly carving out its own place in wellness to provide higher levels of healing. We fix “systems” to relieve your “symptoms.” Correcting the systems results in the symptoms either being eliminated or greatly improved. One of my goals is to make the work done in a Rolfing session apply directly to my clients’ varying needs and lifestyles. I am grateful to be on the cutting edge of Rolfing research thanks to my amazing colleagues and vast resources.