Maxine Doner

LENS Neurofeedback Practitioner

Nothing brings me greater joy than assisting others with their journey to better health. It’s one of the reasons I became a Registered Nurse in the first place. I am insatiably curious and love learning and exploring many avenues toward health. I believe in empowering people through education, providing choices and the latest available options with caring and kindness. Low Energy Neurofeedback allowed me to reclaim my life and intelligence after a severe injury. I knew I wanted to assist others to do the same: to create the lives they wanted for themselves and overcome limitations such as foggy thinking, trouble finding words, completing tasks, over-coming learning disabilities and so much more: what do you desire? Anxiety be gone! Road rage a thing of the past! Young Living Essential Oils have been a huge contribution towards enhancing my health… and the health of my family, friends and animals.. Many times I have been able to avoid the use of drugs entirely. The Bio Mat is one of my favorites for eliminating pain and enabled me to resume horseback riding in 2 weeks instead of 3 months the doctor predicted after a serious injury. A massive allergic reaction to latex with 3 cardiac arressts led me to LENS: LENS has enabled me to reclaim my innate intelligence the anaphylaxis had taken from me. Thus, I became very excited about assisting others in reclaiming their lives after brain injuries. I know that medical science has little to offer those with brain issues other than drugs. Most drugs have the effect of locking the brain into one way of being, whereas LENS allows the recovery of damaged areas and works to increase the flexibility of the brain. Assisting others in coming back from brain injury is one of the most exciting things I have done in my long career as an RN. My life-long involvement with horses (20 years of breeding, training and riding) led me to using LENS with animals with behavioral problems. I have seen them make major improvements with very few sessions.