Kim Shennan

Health Coach

I began my WildFit journey in the fall of 2016.

At that time, I had just entered into my 50s, and had found that over the years, I had put on a few pounds. And by that I mean, I put on a few pounds that year, and a few the year before, and some the year before that… you get what I mean!

I just thought that this was normal… for a woman of my age.

But that doesn’t mean I was happy with it!

I wanted to look good in the mirror again, to feel comfortable in my clothes and to have the energy to get out and do things, especially with my two young grandchildren. Does this sound familiar??

WILDFIT gave me all of those things!

My relationship with food changed forever, but I’ll let you in on a little secret…. I have not given up anything that I have not wanted to give up!! What I have now is something called food freedom!

Can you imagine what WILDFIT90 can do for you??

Before things like age, life circumstances or how you have treated your body interrupt your life and take you down a path of illness and a loss of your zest for life, I know that there is a better way!

As a WILDFIT Master Coach, I have guided 100s of people on their journey to optimal health.

Come join me on my next challenge!