Kelly Haugh

Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach,

Everything in my young life seemed to be going well…. I was newly married, traveling, doing lots of outdoor activities, and life couldn’t seem to get much better. Then I had two car accidents that lead to anxiety issues and stress that didn’t seem to let up. Years later I couldn’t believe that anxiety, stress, and physical issues like a sudden gallbladder attack could impact my health so drastically. When it rains, it pours… My gallbladder surgery, a long recovery period, and continued stress led to sciatica, tingling, numbness in my right arm and leg, buzzing throughout my body, and debilitating all over body pain. It wrecked me emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I was left with no hope seeing doctor after doctor, the so called specialists, and being prescribed multiple medications didn’t resolve my problems. I was losing my life. My family had to make up for my loss of physical strength and lack of energy. I could hardly even use a knife to cut vegetables. Then, things started to change (for the better!) It wasn’t until a Chiropractor said I should be tested for MS or other auto-immune disease that I hit rock bottom. I felt I was handed a death sentence, but I chose not to accept that. Through a series of visits to more doctors, I struggled to find answers. Finally, a functional medicine chiropractor & neurology fellow introduced me to practical avenues to turn my life around, such as changing my mindset, detoxification, and spinal correction. I was motivated to research and use effective nutrition to nourish and heal my body and resolve my issues. So, what now? Lessons learned… I finally had direction, but it sure would have been nice to have a health coach 2-3 years prior to lead me in the right direction and avoid the cumulative effects and disease that was building in my body! I learned the hard way that self-care is not selfish, it is necessary. Because I now take time to de-stress, meditate, spend time in prayer, use essential oils, take healthful supplements, have energy work done, have spinal adjustments, treat food as medicine, ground my feet, sleep on a grounding sheet, get out for sunshine and balance, I have regained my life, my family, and my wellness! I am determined to help others who are struggling like I was. To give them direction, avoid unnecessary suffering, to help them with a proven system, support and accountability to transform their health and lives.