Joseph Bianculli


Joseph Paul Bianculli uses an East-West approach to acupuncture, manual therapy, diet, herbs, qi gong, and meditation techniques. He started studying diet and nutrition in 2003 on his own and entered New York College of Health Professionals in 2007. He is the acupuncturist for Crossfit Nine7 and treats Regional and Games level athletes, as well as athletes of other sports. He’s been doing Men’s Work and involved with the Man Kind Project since 2017.

His primary focus as of now is:

Sports and Orthopedic medicine

Seasonal, environmental, and pet allergies

Emotional well-being


His acupuncture techniques span from traditional East Asian to modern Motor Point needling. He has studied under Dr. Steven Jackowicz, a scholar of the traditional medicine and lineage holder of the Long Men Pai ( Dragon Gate Tradition). He has completed the Korean Sports Medicine course from the Dong Gui Bo Gam Academy USA.

Education and Certifications
New York College of Health Professionals, 2007-2011, Master of Science
New York Licensed Acupuncturist – 5,000+ hours training
Dong Gui Bo Gam Academy – Korean Sports Medicine Certificate
Institute for Classical Asian Studies – Medical Qigong Training 3-year program, 36 Classical Needling Techniques, Moxibustion Training, Pathophysiology
Functional Seminars – Functional Release – Lower Body and Spine Certification

His manual therapy techniques heavily involve Zheng Gu Tui Na and Functional Release. He has trained under Dr. Chi Wei Wong, a master level practitioner in all areas of the medicine. He has completed the Spine and Lower Body course in Functional Release. His manual therapy techniques involve the manipulation of skin, joints, muscle, fascia, and bone.

His dietary experience includes Vegan, Ketogenic, and Paleo. He worked for years in weight loss. He is a huge proponent of fasting for therapeutic and longevity purposes. He has done much work healing his own digestive issues and is always excited to talk about all of this. He uses Chinese Herbs as well.

His Qi Gong experience includes completion of the Long Men Pai medical qi gong course taught by Dr. Steven Jackowicz and Master YuanMing Zhang. He practices the traditional Yi Jin Jing taught by Dr Chi Wei Wong and maintains a regular meditation practice.