Jonathan Scott


Jonathan Scott, L.Ac, LMT – Founder + Owner

As a holistic healthcare provider Jonathan has over 10 years experience in the wellness industry. During that time, he has worked for spas, chiropractic offices, corporate wellness companies, and holistic health clinics.

His acupuncture has been highly informed by his many years as a massage therapist. With a strong focus on pain management and musculoskeletal difficulties, he works with internal imbalances to support the overall health of every client. His massage style combines a unique blend of range of motion myofascial release with meridian-based energetic alignment to achieve a highly effective level of healing, tailored specifically to each individual.

Jonathan holds an associate degree in Massage Therapies, two Master of Science degrees in both Oriental Medicine and Nutrition, and the Diplomate of Oriental Medicine licensure through the NCCAOM. He is licensed in Maine for acupuncture, Chinese herbology and massage therapy.

Jonathan also earned an undergraduate music degree in Vocal Performance and still enjoys a fruitful professional singing career. He is a proud husband and father and lives in Portland, ME with his beautiful family.

I have witnessed countless times how powerful the impact of intention and guidance can be in changing the way an individual carries themselves in the world. It is my goal to create and contain a safe healing environment, and to support everyone through physical, energetic and mental alignment as we journey towards optimal health.