Jennifer Jenkins

Health Coach

For over two decades, I have devoted my career as a Registered Nurse, Health Advocate and as a Health Coach empowering others to live happier, healthier lives. Over the years, I have witnessed countless patients and loved ones in their most vulnerable moments, as they face a frightening medical diagnosis, and I’ve witnessed morbidity and mortality when patients refused to make healthy life changes. More often than not, diagnoses and complications were related either directly to obesity or were preventable if healthier choices had been made. ​Like most things in life, healthy living is a choice. There are no short cuts, despite the number of weight loss fads, get fit gadgets, and those who seek to monetize the very real problem of diet-related health problems in an unhealthy way. ​The difference between knowing what is healthy and making dietary changes is vast. That’s why I consider myself an educator and a coach. I’ve learned that raising awareness is not enough- that most people need ongoing coaching, accountability, a supportive community and trusted sources of information to make significant changes that are healthy and that last. ​What I’ve learned from years of medical training and clinical experience could not compare to what I learned from my own health scare that led me on my on my own personal journey of self-healing, holistically.