Heidi Hills

Life Coach

Heidi is married and has two busy kids. She is a follower of Jesus Christ. Heidi loves spending time with her family and one of the things she like to do is spend time at the lake. She enjoys slalom water skiing, running, and other forms of movement; she likes to mix it up. Progress is the key for her because that’s what it’s all about! ​​ While trying to stay active and healthy, she noticed that there always seemed to be a new “diet”, fad, or some sort of controversy about what was and wasn’t healthy. She found this to be so confusing and frustrating. She wanted to figure out what “healthy” was for her and also be able to help others do the same. This was one of the reasons that led her to become a certified behavioral health and life coach. She understands that everybody and every BODY is uniquely different and that there is no “one size fits all”. She loves empowering others to find out what the answers are for them and their unique body. Heidi got her Behavioral Health and Life coach certificate from HCI, and empowers women to take themselves off the backburner and fill their cup, increase their energy, boost their confidence and feel sexy & alive without surgeries, diets, or deprivation. She works individually one on one, and with businesses that want to empower their employees to create healthy habits and cohesiveness in the works place.