Grace Minnella


In 2002, I graduated from Tri-State College of Acupuncture in New York, one of the oldest accredited acupuncture schools in the Northeast. I had the fortune, pleasure, and privilege of graduating from one of the very first classes with a Bachelor-Master’s program degree combined—from the only school that included the instruction of trigger points release as part of the curriculum. Tri-State college is one of the few schools that prides itself into exposing each individual with varied acupuncture techniques, including Japanese Acupuncture (taught by Master Kiiko Matsumoto), as well as five element acupuncture (instructor Jim McCormick), and Vietnamese Acupuncture (taught by the former Dean of Tri-State, Carolyn Bengston). Upon graduation, I volunteered over fifty hours of my services as an acupuncturist at Riverside Church, in New York City, for the outreach clinic sponsored by Tri-State College.

Prior to becoming an acupuncturist, I have worked in a New Jersey Hospital in Administration, generating a background in Western medicine. Over the years, this work experience has allowed me to compare dis-eases, treatments, and philosophies between two fields. My approach to medicine encompasses the Eastern mentality, coupled with a Western technical ability. I was fortunate enough to open an office in the East Village in New York City and also in Nanuet, Rockland County. Currently offering services by appointment only in New City, Nanuet, or Nyack, New York. Certified as a Reiki Master practitioner enhancing this fine-tuning Japanese energy work. Certified for hair laser removal and laser skin tightnening on Candela Yag and Alexandrite laser machines, plus Velashape Syneron body shaping and contouring. I take the greatest pride into mentioning my best achievement: my two wonderful children that have been patient enough to see me through all my schooling, tests, trials and triumphs.