Dr. Tom Latrielle


As a local south Florida resident I have been active in the community in many facets more notably as a volunteer photographer for local events with a preference to charity fundraising events. I grew up in rural upstate NY and after completing my AOS and BS decided to become a Chiropractic physician because I want to do more to help people without the use of drugs and surgery.

After chiropractic school I relocated to South Florida to what I now consider paradise. I keep myself busy with my mobile practice, volunteering for events as a photographer and trying to do my part to help the community. I have volunteered for numerous organization since 1985 including but not limited to : The American Red Cross (NY, GA and FL) , YMCA of Plattsburgh, Young Professionals for the Covenant House, The Broward County Humane Society, PetSet, Cystic Fibrosis, Ann Stork Center, Jessica Jun Children’s Cancer Foundation , Riverwalk Trust, Joe Dimaggio, Pinion, Abandon Pet Rescue, Gator Club Scholarships, Komen for the Cure, Breast Cancer Research, Best Buddies of Broward County, and many more. I strongly believe in the “Pay it forward” mentality and enjoy seeing the same attitude in others.

As you might guess my hobby of photography has a strong place in my life and I use the tools of my hobby to help others. Many of my photos have been published in multiple local magazines and I generally don’t know when and where they are published since it is usually done by the charity organizations that I share my photos with.

My mobile chiropractic practice is designed to allow people to get the care they need with minimal inconvenience to their life and to have maximal improvements to their quality of life. Techniques utilize include a varieties of stretching, massage, adjustments, auricular therapy and flexion distraction which are designed to quickly get the patient back to optimal health!

The best compliment to me is to use the “Pay it forward” attitude and do your part to make this a better world for all of us to live in!

I am board certified in Addictionology and I’m currently working on my next board certification in Nutrition with studies in Functional Medicine. I am constantly educating myself with more information via classes, audiobooks, and seminars to provide you with current cutting edge knowledge and tools to improve your health.