Dr. Mike Winkels


Hello, I’m Dr. Mike Winkels

I was losing my mind. Literally. I had an amazing career with IBM and Hitachi as an electrical engineer, working in product development as a test engineer. It was my job to find and resolve problems with new computer products before we allowed them to be sold. Deep exhaustion for much of my career was finally catching up with me, and I was making mistakes at work and home. My wonderful, precious wife strongly suggested I visit the same chiropractor one of our sons had seen. I finally agreed, and my eyes were opened.

I learned that every tissue in the body is controlled by the nervous system, starting with the brain, and moving down through the spinal cord and out to every organ and tissue of the body. If the nervous system is challenged in some way, the body cannot function well. It turns out that most of my vertebrae had subluxation, a chiropractic term meaning they were out of place or not moving properly. This was causing nervous system problems.

I began getting adjusted three times a week to get the vertebrae back into place and moving well. I noticed wonderful improvements. Occasional migraine headaches, shoulder pains, and even restless leg syndrome that woke me up at night were resolved, but I was still exhausted.

My chiropractor then referred me to a functional medicine chiropractor. He helps with internal organ problems by using nutrition counseling and strong nutritional supplements. His testing revealed that I was so full of inflammation, oxidation, and subclinical infections that it was a wonder I could function at all. I began a long journey of intensive detoxification and healing, and I slowly began to feel better.

I began to sense a call to help others as I had been helped. After long prayer and discernment, I quit my engineering job to go to chiropractic school, where I also began studies in Applied Kinesiology (AK) analysis and functional medicine.

I am excited to be helping others achieve a level of health and abundant life they never dreamed possible. I used to wake up wondering when I could go back to bed. I now wake up anxious to help. I have shared with you how chiropractic and functional medicine care has helped me. Perhaps it can help you as well. Maybe it can change your life. Maybe it can give you your life back, like it did for me!

If you would like more information, please contact me. I would love to help you!