Dr. Chelsea Drda


Hi! I’m Dr. Chelsea Drda and I want to see your audience of boss women succeeding and thriving in business and life. I’m a Self Care Content Speaker and Doctor of Chiropractic based in Atlanta, GA.

I see women in my practice every day who are stressed, overworked, undernourished, and barely surviving because of “the hustle” and “being busy” in pursuit of their dreams. Life wasn’t meant to be a struggle, WOMEN DESERVE TO SUCCEED AND THRIVE! (That includes YOU!)

I started @happy.motivation.for.women and Happy Health to empower boss women to leverage self-care to succeed in business and life.

What I share isn’t complicated; it’s centered around using simple strategies to create more space in her schedule and utilize basic self-care so she can be more effective in her business and still have time for fun!