David Sontag


David Sontag, Acupuncture Physician, practices Alternative Medicine at his private practice in North Miami Beach, Florida. The practice affords both a comfortable environment and flexible office hours.
He works with people who want to pursue getting well or staying well naturally. Thousands of his patients have experienced first hand the healing miracles Alternative Medicine has to offer.
His practice of Alternative Medicine includes Oriental Medicine, acupuncture, auricular therapy, Chinese & Western herblogy, complex homeopathy and natural allergy elimination technique (NAET). He uses a unique combination of his clinical skills not only to help ill people get well, but also to help well people stay well.
Dr. Sontag, AP has hosted a number of radio shows and is a passionate advocate of Alternative Medicine.
In his work, he targets not only pain relief, but also people who have allergies that have suffered for years without finding relief. In addition he has a particular passion for treating children with AD(H)D and has enjoyed great success in restoring their quality of life. Many of his past AD(H)D patients have become “A” students.
While his practice is state of the art, it has an “old fashioned” flavor as the patient is never rushed and has time to fully communicate their heath concerns. Dr. Sontag is always assessable via a free consultation so a patient can explore their natural healthcare options.